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Dress: garment made up of a bodice with or without sleeves or a collar and extending into a skirt of variable length.
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tunic dress wraparound dress jumper sundress

tunic dress click to hear : tunic dress

Two-piece dress made up of a quite long straight skirt and a straight bodice that hangs down over the skirt, sometimes to the knees.

wraparound dress click to hear : wraparound dress

Dress that is open from top to bottom; it is fastened by folding one side over the other and holding them in place with a belt.

jumper click to hear : jumper

Sleeveless dress with a very low-cut neckline and armholes; it is worn over a blouse or a sweater.

sundress click to hear : sundress

Very low-cut dress with slim straps, which leave the back and shoulders uncovered.