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Pants: garment for the lower body; they extend from the waist or the hips to the ankles, covering each leg separately.
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pedal pushers knickers jeans shorts Bermuda shorts

pedal pushers click to hear : pedal pushers

Tight-fitting pants ending at mid-calf and having a slit on the outside of the leg at the knee, which can be fastened in various ways.

knickers click to hear : knickers

Pants with full legs that are gathered below the knee or at the calf.

jeans click to hear : jeans

Pants made of durable, usually blue fabric with topstitched seams and pockets that are often reinforced by rivets.

shorts click to hear : shorts

Very short pants covering only the top of the thighs.

Bermuda shorts click to hear : Bermuda shorts

Long shorts ending above the knee.