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necklines and necks click to hear : necklines and necks

The neck is that part of a garment near the wearer’s neck; the neckline reveals the neck and part of the shoulders and chest.
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square neck bateau neck sweetheart neckline draped neckline V-shaped neck draped neck round neck plunging neckline

square neck click to hear : square neck

Neckline with a square neck that reveals the upper part of the chest.

bateau neck click to hear : bateau neck

Neck tapering to a point on the shoulders.

sweetheart neckline click to hear : sweetheart neckline

Neckline shaped like the top of a heart.

draped neckline click to hear : draped neckline

Neckline made up of a series of soft overlapping folds created by the fabric of the bodice.

V-shaped neck click to hear : V-shaped neck

Neckline with edges coming together at mid-chest in a V shape.

draped neck click to hear : draped neck

Neck with soft pleats that can be arranged in various ways.

round neck click to hear : round neck

Rounded neck fitting close to the wearer’s neck.

plunging neckline click to hear : plunging neckline

Neckline that usually ends in a V and is very low in front or back.