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underwear click to hear : underwear

Garments worn next to the skin and under other garments.
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wasp-waisted corset hose bikini underwire garter

wasp-waisted corset click to hear : wasp-waisted corset

Small corset made up of a bra and garter belt, slimming the figure.

hose click to hear : hose

Relatively light knitted women’s garment covering the foot and the leg up to the thigh.

bikini click to hear : bikini

Low-waisted tight-fitting undergarment with high-cut legs.

underwire click to hear : underwire

Rigid crescent that edges and reinforces the underside of the cups.

garter click to hear : garter

Elastic strap attached to a girdle, garter belt, etc., with a system for fastening the hose and keeping it taut.