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underwear click to hear : underwear

Garments worn next to the skin and under other garments.
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strapless bra steel décolleté bra bra shoulder strap midriff band cup push-up bra

strapless bra click to hear : strapless bra

Bra without shoulder straps and with a midriff band that extends to the waist; the cups are preshaped and have underwires and steels.

steel click to hear : steel

Narrow flexible strip of metal or plastic inserted into a garment to keep it stiff.

décolleté bra click to hear : décolleté bra

Very low-cut bra with cups that extend upward toward the shoulder straps.

bra click to hear : bra

Undergarment made up of cups, shoulder straps and a midriff band, designed to support the chest.

shoulder strap click to hear : shoulder strap

Narrow strip of fabric that is often adjustable; it goes over the shoulder to connect a garment’s front and back.

midriff band click to hear : midriff band

Strip of stretchable fabric connecting the cups; it varies in width and fastens with hooks.

cup click to hear : cup

Main part of the bra that covers and supports the breasts.

push-up bra click to hear : push-up bra

Bra with cups that leave the upper chest bare and with shoulder straps that sit on the outer edge of the shoulder.