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telephone answering machine click to hear : telephone answering machine

Device attached to a telephone that answers calls with a prerecorded message and then records the messages left by callers.
telephone answering machine image
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power-on button speaker record announcement button rewind button volume control erase button stop button on/play button microphone outgoing announcement cassette fast-forward button listen button auto-answer indicator power-on light calls indicator incoming message cassette

power-on button click to hear : power-on button

Button for turning the device on or off.

speaker click to hear : speaker

Integrated device used to generate sound.

record announcement button click to hear : record announcement button

Button used to record the greeting on the announcement cassette.

rewind button click to hear : rewind button

Control key used to rewind a tape.

volume control click to hear : volume control

erase button click to hear : erase button

Button that erases recorded messages.

stop button click to hear : stop button

Button that interrupts the playback of the cassette.

on/play button click to hear : on/play button

Button used to play back the cassette.

microphone click to hear : microphone

Device that converts electric pulses into broadcast or recorded sounds.

outgoing announcement cassette click to hear : outgoing announcement cassette

Cassette containing the greeting for callers.

fast-forward button click to hear : fast-forward button

Control key used to fast-forward a tape.

listen button click to hear : listen button

Device that activates the rewind and automatic playback of the message cassette.

auto-answer indicator click to hear : auto-answer indicator

power-on light click to hear : power-on light

Signal light indicating that the answering machine is on.

calls indicator click to hear : calls indicator

Signal light indicating that one or more messages have been received.

incoming message cassette click to hear : incoming message cassette

Cassettes on which callers’ messages are recorded.