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dynamic microphone click to hear : dynamic microphone

Device with a moving coil traveling in a magnetic field that converts sounds into electric pulses for broadcasting or recording.
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plug cable housing magnet diaphragm connector on-off switch moving coil windscreen

plug click to hear : plug

Terminal end of the cable with prongs that is inserted into an electric outlet (jack).

cable click to hear : cable

housing click to hear : housing

magnet click to hear : magnet

Material producing the magnetic field.

diaphragm click to hear : diaphragm

Thin sheet of metal or plastic attached to the moving coil; it vibrates from the effect of sound waves.

connector click to hear : connector

Device used to connect the cable to the microphone.

on-off switch click to hear : on-off switch

Power-connecting device used to turn the microphone on or off.

moving coil click to hear : moving coil

Metal part whose motion in a magnetic field is caused by the vibrations of the diaphragm; it creates a corresponding modulation in the electric current.

windscreen click to hear : windscreen

Screen covering and protecting a microphone; it muffles the speaker’s breathing and the sound of the wind.