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cross section of a reflex camera click to hear : cross section of a reflex camera

A slanted mirror allows the user to view and shoot at the same time; the mirror flips up when the shutter release button is pressed.
cross section of a reflex camera image
achat d'image achat d'image

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lens mount lens diaphragm light sensor secondary mirror film focal plane shutter main reflex mirror focusing screen eyepiece pentaprism

lens mount click to hear : lens mount

Device used to attach a lens to a camera.

lens click to hear : lens

Transparent optical disks through which ambient light enters; the disks correct each other to improve the quality of the image.

diaphragm click to hear : diaphragm

Device with a variable opening that controls the amount of light entering the camera.

light sensor click to hear : light sensor

Sensor that measures the light intensity; it is used to determine the correct exposure (shutter speed and diaphragm opening).

secondary mirror click to hear : secondary mirror

Mirror that directs part of the light entering the lens through the center of the main reflex mirror and toward the light sensor.

film click to hear : film

Thin flexible transparent band that is covered with a light-sensitive emulsion, which allows images to be imprinted.

focal plane shutter click to hear : focal plane shutter

Opaque device that opens for a predetermined length of time based on the shutter speed chosen; it allows light to come in contact with the film.

main reflex mirror click to hear : main reflex mirror

Mirror that redirects light toward the focusing screen; when the photo is taken, it retracts so that light reaches the film.

focusing screen click to hear : focusing screen

Ground glass plate on which the image caught by the lens is formed; at this point, it is inverted from right to left.

eyepiece click to hear : eyepiece

Optical disk or system of disks through which the eye sees the image produced by the lens.

pentaprism click to hear : pentaprism

Five-sided block of glass that diverts light beams to the eyepiece; this rights the inverted image formed on the focusing screen.