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darkroom equipment click to hear : darkroom equipment

Material required to process film and to print photographs in a darkened room.
darkroom equipment image
achat d'image achat d'image

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print drying rack print washer outlet hose inlet hose overflow tube adaptor cradle tank developing baths developer bath stop bath fixing bath

print drying rack click to hear : print drying rack

Frame that holds prints once they have passed through the washer so that the water evaporates.

print washer click to hear : print washer

Device that uses water to eliminate residual chemicals accumulated during the processing of photographic paper.

outlet hose click to hear : outlet hose

Hose that uses gravity to drain used water from the tank to a waste collection tub or a sink.

inlet hose click to hear : inlet hose

Flexible hose that carries water from the faucet to the tank.

overflow tube click to hear : overflow tube

Drainpipe for draining off a fixture’s overflow when the water level reaches a certain level.

adaptor click to hear : adaptor

Device attached to a faucet.

cradle click to hear : cradle

Frame where proofs are inserted to keep them from touching each other to ensure a uniform wash.

tank click to hear : tank

developing baths click to hear : developing baths

Trays used for the various steps in processing exposed photographic paper to obtain a proof in black and white.

developer bath click to hear : developer bath

Tray containing a chemical that acts on light-exposed photographic paper to reveal an image.

stop bath click to hear : stop bath

Tray containing a chemical that stops the action of the developer.

fixing bath click to hear : fixing bath

Tray containing a chemical that fixes the revealed image by making the photographic paper insensitive to light.