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spotmeter click to hear : spotmeter

Exposure meter that uses a viewfinder to measure the brightness of precise spots on the scene to be photographed.
spotmeter image
achat d'image achat d'image

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eyepiece data display shutter speed setting aperture/exposure value display memory recall key memory key data display illumination button film speed measuring button memory cancel objective lens lock switch shadow key highlight key average key

eyepiece click to hear : eyepiece

Optical disk or system of disks through which the eye sees the image produced by the lens.

data display click to hear : data display

Liquid crystal display showing camera readings and calculated exposure data.

shutter speed setting click to hear : shutter speed setting

Buttons that select the length of time a film is to be exposed to light (exposure time).

aperture/exposure value display click to hear : aperture/exposure value display

Button that displays data (diaphragm opening and exposure time) on suggested exposures based on the brightness of the scene.

memory recall key click to hear : memory recall key

Button that displays data stored in memory.

memory key click to hear : memory key

Button that stores data in memory.

data display illumination button click to hear : data display illumination button

Button that illuminates the display screen so it is easier to read in poor lighting conditions.

film speed click to hear : film speed

Button that shows a film’s sensitivity to light as expressed by the ISO or ASA number, where the higher the number, the more sensitive the film.

measuring button click to hear : measuring button

Control button to measure brightness.

memory cancel click to hear : memory cancel

Button that erases data stored in memory.

objective lens click to hear : objective lens

Optical system formed of lenses attached to a mount that relay light to sensitive cells, which measure the light’s intensity.

lock switch click to hear : lock switch

Device activating or blocking the measuring button.

shadow key click to hear : shadow key

Key that determines the correct exposure when priority is given to the darkest areas in the scene.

highlight key click to hear : highlight key

Key that determines the correct exposure when priority is given to the brightest areas in a scene.

average key click to hear : average key

Key that determines the correct exposure based on the average brightness of a scene.