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portable sound systems click to hear : portable sound systems

Small self-contained sound reproduction equipment that can be carried easily from one place to another.
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portable CD radio cassette recorder on-off/volume antenna headphone jack power plug cassette cassette player cassette player controls tuning control tuner speaker compact disc player controls compact disc compact disc player mode selectors stereo control handle

portable CD radio cassette recorder click to hear : portable CD radio cassette recorder

Equipment combining a radio, cassette player, CD player and speakers in the same case.

on-off/volume click to hear : on-off/volume

antenna click to hear : antenna

Device receiving radio waves broadcast by a station.

headphone jack click to hear : headphone jack

Slot that takes the plug from the headphones.

power plug click to hear : power plug

Unit designed to accept a power cable, which can be plugged into an electrical outlet.

cassette click to hear : cassette

Rigid case containing a recording tape on which sounds can be recorded.

cassette player click to hear : cassette player

Device used to play back and record sounds on a recording tape cassette.

cassette player controls click to hear : cassette player controls

Buttons used to play and record a cassette.

tuning control click to hear : tuning control

Button used to select a broadcast frequency.

tuner click to hear : tuner

Equipment used to receive signals transmitted by radio stations.

speaker click to hear : speaker

Integrated device used to generate sound.

compact disc player controls click to hear : compact disc player controls

Buttons such as play, stop, pause and track change that are used to play a compact disc (CD).

compact disc click to hear : compact disc

Digital recording medium with multiple formats (including video and audio) and variable storage capacity.

compact disc player click to hear : compact disc player

Device using a laser beam to play back sounds recorded on a compact disc (CD).

mode selectors click to hear : mode selectors

Device used to select the operating mode (radio, cassette player or CD player).

stereo control click to hear : stereo control

Button that adjusts the relative volume of the right and left speakers.

handle click to hear : handle