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mail click to hear : mail

Everything sent and distributed through the postal service.
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postcard letter postage stamp bulk mail letter postal parcel postal order

postcard click to hear : postcard

Photograph or illustration that is printed on flexible cardboard and has space on the back to write a message and an address.

letter click to hear : letter

Written message that is inserted into an envelope and addressed to a recipient.

postage stamp click to hear : postage stamp

Small adhesive label of varying denominations that is issued by a postal service and used to indicate postage paid.

bulk mail letter click to hear : bulk mail letter

Mail consisting of a large number of letters mailed at the same time by the same sender, usually at a reduced postage rate.

postal parcel click to hear : postal parcel

Parcel sent through the mail.

postal order click to hear : postal order

A certificate issued by the postal service by which a sender is able to pay a specified sum to a recipient at another location.