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compact disc player click to hear : compact disc player

Device using a laser beam to play back sounds recorded on a compact disc (CD).
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remote control sensor fast operation buttons track search buttons stop/clear button play/pause button disc compartment control power button disc compartment track number indicators memory button repeat buttons

remote control sensor click to hear : remote control sensor

Device that receives infrared signals emitted by a remote control so that certain functions can be operated from a distance.

fast operation buttons click to hear : fast operation buttons

Buttons that accelerate forward or backward sound reproduction.

stop/clear button click to hear : stop/clear button

Button that interrupts playback of a disc or erases programs held in memory.

play/pause button click to hear : play/pause button

Button that temporarily starts or stops playback of a disc.

disc compartment control click to hear : disc compartment control

Button that opens and closes the disc tray.

power button click to hear : power button

Mechanical connection that turns the player on or off.

disc compartment click to hear : disc compartment

Compartment that contains the tray into which the disc is inserted for playback.

track number click to hear : track number

Liquid crystal display that shows the number of the track being played.

indicators click to hear : indicators

Indicator lights showing the operations carried out or the functions selected.

memory button click to hear : memory button

Button for programming playback of a number of tracks in a given order.

repeat buttons click to hear : repeat buttons

Buttons allowing repeated playback of one or several tracks.