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tuner click to hear : tuner

Device that receives signals from radio stations by selecting the appropriate frequency.
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preset tuning button tuning mode power button band selector digital frequency display tuning control active tracking mode selector memory button

preset tuning button click to hear : preset tuning button

Button used to tune into a station held in memory.

tuning mode click to hear : tuning mode

Button for choosing between automatic (scanning) or manual selection of stations.

power button click to hear : power button

Mechanical connection that turns the tuner on or off.

band selector click to hear : band selector

Button used to select an AM or FM band.

digital frequency display click to hear : digital frequency display

Liquid crystal display showing the broadcast frequency of a tuned station.

tuning control click to hear : tuning control

Button used to select a broadcast frequency.

active tracking click to hear : active tracking

Button used to browse the full frequency band to locate and select a station.

mode selector click to hear : mode selector

Button used to select the sound reproduction mode (monophonic or stereophonic).

memory button click to hear : memory button

Button used to hold certain stations in memory.