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data storage devices click to hear : data storage devices

Electronic devices used to record or save data on a magnetic or optical medium.
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diskette protect tab shutter jacket access window external floppy disk drive cassette drive cassette

diskette click to hear : diskette

Rigid case that contains a small flexible magnetic disk on which data can be written, erased and rewritten several times.

protect tab click to hear : protect tab

Sliding part that covers the write protection notch; it protects the diskette against any accidental changes to its contents.

shutter click to hear : shutter

Sliding part that covers the read slot when the diskette is not in use.

jacket click to hear : jacket

access window click to hear : access window

Opening in the case where a disk passes in front of the read/write head of a floppy disk drive.

external floppy disk drive click to hear : external floppy disk drive

Stand-alone device that is linked by cable to a computer; it is used to read and write data on a diskette.

cassette drive click to hear : cassette drive

Device used to read and record data on a cassette recording tape.

cassette click to hear : cassette

Rigid case that contains a recording tape on which data can be recorded.