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handheld computer click to hear : handheld computer

Small portable computer with a miniature operating system; it is used mostly for personal management tasks (agenda, address book).
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audio input/output jack voice recorder button dial/action button exit button sync cable power plug power and backlight button application launch buttons infrared port alarm/charge indicator light microphone touch screen stylus docking cradle

audio input/output jack click to hear : audio input/output jack

Connector used to transfer audio signals between the computer and a sound recording or reproduction device such as a microphone or headphones.

voice recorder button click to hear : voice recorder button

Key used to record a brief voice message.

dial/action button click to hear : dial/action button

Thumb wheel used to validate a selection or to scroll up and down through a document.

exit button click to hear : exit button

Key used to exit an application.

sync cable click to hear : sync cable

Cable that connects the docking cradle to the computer; it allows data to be exchanged between the two devices.

power and backlight button click to hear : power and backlight button

Key used to turn a computer on or off; it also illuminates the screen in poor lighting conditions.

application launch buttons click to hear : application launch buttons

Keys used to directly access available applications such as word processing and Internet browsing.

infrared port click to hear : infrared port

Device that uses infrared signals to exchange data with a device with a similar port (a network access transmitter-receiver, computer, printer).

alarm/charge indicator light click to hear : alarm/charge indicator light

Small light that signals an alarm or indicates that a battery is being charged.

microphone click to hear : microphone

Device that converts electric pulses into broadcast or recorded sounds.

touch screen click to hear : touch screen

Liquid crystal display that is sensitive to the touch and the motion of a finger or stylus.

stylus click to hear : stylus

Pencillike implement used to enter data or to select an option on a touch screen.

docking cradle click to hear : docking cradle

Base in which a handheld computer is placed to recharge its battery or exchange data with another computer.