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work furniture click to hear : work furniture

Furniture designed to facilitate office work, from writing to working at a computer or typewriter.
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secretarial desk return desk mat swivel-tilter armchair executive desk

secretarial desk click to hear : secretarial desk

Desk with two desktops meeting at right angles and one or two built-in file drawers.

return click to hear : return

Auxiliary desktop that is used especially to hold a typewriter or computer.

desk mat click to hear : desk mat

Accessory on which paper is placed for writing; it protects the desktop.

swivel-tilter armchair click to hear : swivel-tilter armchair

Armchair designed to swivel horizontally around an axis and to tilt forward and back.

executive desk click to hear : executive desk

Desk with a large desktop work space and two built-in file drawers.