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output devices click to hear : output devices

Electronic devices used to view or print the results of data processing done on a computer.
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achat d'image achat d'image

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projector computer connector mouse port control panel power switch connector panel remote sensor lens

projector click to hear : projector

Device that projects electronic images on a screen from sources such as computers, DVD players, camcorders and VCRs.

computer connector click to hear : computer connector

Connector that links the projector to a computer.

mouse port click to hear : mouse port

Connector that links the projector to a mouse or to the mouse port of a computer.

control panel click to hear : control panel

Panel housing the projector’s operating buttons.

power switch click to hear : power switch

Mechanical connection that turns the projector on or off.

connector panel click to hear : connector panel

The jacks used to connect the projector to various video equipment such as DVD players, camcorders and VCRs.

remote sensor click to hear : remote sensor

Device that receives infrared signals emitted by a remote control; it activates certain projector functions from a distance.

lens click to hear : lens

Optical system made up of a set of lenses fixed on a mount; it is used to transmit enlarged video images on a projection screen.