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input devices click to hear : input devices

Electronic devices used to transmit data and commands to a computer.
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optical mouse optical sensor wheel mouse control button scroll wheel cable cordless mouse

optical mouse click to hear : optical mouse

Mouse in which the ball is replaced by an optical system (light-emitting diode and sensor); it has no movable parts.

optical sensor click to hear : optical sensor

Device that measures the mouse’s movements by analyzing the light rays (emitted by a diode) reflected from its support surface.

wheel mouse click to hear : wheel mouse

Mechanical or optical mouse that contains a scroll wheel.

control button click to hear : control button

Button that transmits various commands to the computer.

scroll wheel click to hear : scroll wheel

Thumb wheel used to scroll down the contents of a window without using the scroll bar.

cable click to hear : cable

Flexible cable containing the conductors by which the mouse is attached to the computer.

cordless mouse click to hear : cordless mouse

Mechanical or optical mouse connected to the computer by infrared or radio signals.