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padded envelope air bubbles self-sealing flap letter scale desk tray postage meter base feed deck postmarking module signature book blotting paper steno book

padded envelope click to hear : padded envelope

Envelope that is lined with bubble wrap to protect the contents from humidity and impact damage.

air bubbles click to hear : air bubbles

Small air pockets that form a protective cushion around the contents of an envelope.

self-sealing flap click to hear : self-sealing flap

Flap coated with an adhesive substance; it seals an envelope on contact.

letter scale click to hear : letter scale

Scale used to weigh a letter or parcel.

desk tray click to hear : desk tray

Container that usually has several compartments; it is used to handle incoming and outgoing mail.

postage meter click to hear : postage meter

Machine used to print a postage meter stamp on an envelope or label in lieu of using a postage stamp.

base click to hear : base

feed deck click to hear : feed deck

Device on which envelopes are placed to be stamped with a postage meter.

postmarking module click to hear : postmarking module

Unit housing the machine’s control buttons; it is used to set the prepaid postage meter with the correct amount of postage.

signature book click to hear : signature book

Register made up of sheets of blotting paper; documents that require a manager’s signature are placed in it.

blotting paper click to hear : blotting paper

Liquid-absorbing paper used here to remove excess ink from newly signed documents.

steno book click to hear : steno book

Spiral-bound sheets of lined paper; these books were originally used by stenographers to take dictation.