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work bench and vise click to hear : work bench and vise

Small, usually folding, worktable whose top surface (tray) is composed of two adjustable jaws for clamping objects.
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jaws crank working surface footrest peg

jaws click to hear : jaws

The parts of the working surface that spread apart or close together to clamp one or more objects.

crank click to hear : crank

Handle for regulating the jaws’ gap. The two ends of the jaws can be adjusted independently in order to clamp a part at an angle.

working surface click to hear : working surface

Large flat surface with two jaws forming a clamp, which supports the objects to be worked on as well as various tools and accessories.

footrest click to hear : footrest

peg click to hear : peg

Detachable part inserted into one of the openings on the work surface to clamp an object between its jaws.