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circular saw click to hear : circular saw

Portable electric saw with a circular blade; it is used for making straight cuts in various materials.
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height adjustment scale motor blade tilting mechanism blade tilting lock knob handle base plate rip fence blade locking bolt lower blade guard lower guard retracting lever upper blade guard blade handle trigger switch

height adjustment scale click to hear : height adjustment scale

Regulates the blade’s height under the base plate, to control the depth of the cut.

motor click to hear : motor

blade tilting mechanism click to hear : blade tilting mechanism

Device controlling the base plate’s degree of inclination to the blade so that straight or beveled cuts can be made.

blade tilting lock click to hear : blade tilting lock

Mechanism for locking the blade at the degree of inclination selected, between 45° and 90°.

knob handle click to hear : knob handle

Handle for ease of guiding the tool while sawing.

base plate click to hear : base plate

Support plate for the tool, which rests on the surface of the piece to be cut.

rip fence click to hear : rip fence

Movable part, perpendicular to the surface, controlling the width of the cut in the lengthwise direction.

blade locking bolt click to hear : blade locking bolt

Part attaching the blade to its rotation axle.

lower blade guard click to hear : lower blade guard

Retractable sheath covering the lower part of the blade, which lifts as the cut advances.

lower guard retracting lever click to hear : lower guard retracting lever

For manually raising the lower blade guard.

upper blade guard click to hear : upper blade guard

Fixed sheath covering the upper part of the blade to protect the user’s hands and prevent sawdust from escaping.

blade click to hear : blade

Thin metal disk with teeth; it rotates to cut pieces of metal or wood.

handle click to hear : handle

For optimal control of the tool, it is advisable to place one hand on the handle and the other on the knob handle.

trigger switch click to hear : trigger switch

Connection mechanism for starting or stopping the tool by squeezing with the finger.