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pneumatic hammer click to hear : pneumatic hammer

Percussive tool that is powered by compressed air; with the help of a piston, it activates a tool, which breaks through very hard matter such as rock and concrete.
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tool retainer chuck flexible hose flexible hose connection throttle valve exhaust port silencer lubricator handle control lever

tool click to hear : tool

Cylindrical rod that is set in motion by compressed air pressure from the hammer; it is used to break hard surfaces.

retainer click to hear : retainer

Device that holds the tool in place in the chuck.

chuck click to hear : chuck

Part of the hammer to which the tool is fastened.

flexible hose click to hear : flexible hose

Flexible hose through which compressed air from the compressor it is attached to enters the hammer.

flexible hose connection click to hear : flexible hose connection

Fastening device with a metal part that accepts the flexible hose so that compressed air can enter the hammer.

throttle valve click to hear : throttle valve

Movable part that is opened by the control lever to let compressed air into the hammer.

exhaust port click to hear : exhaust port

Opening through which compressed air is expelled from the pneumatic hammer.

silencer click to hear : silencer

Device that lessens the noise caused when air exits the hammer.

lubricator click to hear : lubricator

Device that automatically oils the various parts of the hammer to prevent wear.

handle click to hear : handle

The two elements that allow a worker to manipulate the hammer.

control lever click to hear : control lever

Grip used to operate the hammer; the lever opens the throttle valve so that air can enter the hammer.