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hydroelectric complex click to hear : hydroelectric complex

The reservoir structures and installations that use water power to produce electricity.
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spillway gate crest of spillway machine hall power plant diversion tunnel training wall spillway chute afterbay bushing dam control room log chute gantry crane reservoir spillway top of dam headbay penstock

spillway gate click to hear : spillway gate

Movable vertical panel; it is opened to allow the reservoir’s overflow to pass through.

crest of spillway click to hear : crest of spillway

Cement crest over which the reservoir’s overflow discharges when the spillway gates are opened.

machine hall click to hear : machine hall

Area that houses the generator units used to produce electricity.

power plant click to hear : power plant

Plant that uses an energy source, here water, and converts it into electricity.

diversion tunnel click to hear : diversion tunnel

Underground conduit that diverts water during construction.

training wall click to hear : training wall

Wall that separates the spillway chutes; it is used to direct the water flow.

spillway chute click to hear : spillway chute

Inclined surface along which discharged water flows out.

afterbay click to hear : afterbay

Area of the watercourse where water is discharged after passing through the turbines.

bushing click to hear : bushing

Device that allows the conductor to pass through the wall of the transformer and separates it from the latter.

dam click to hear : dam

Barrier built across a watercourse in order to build up a supply of water for use as an energy source.

control room click to hear : control room

Area that contains the various control and monitoring devices required for the production of electricity.

log chute click to hear : log chute

Structure that allows floating wood to travel from upstream to downstream of the dam.

gantry crane click to hear : gantry crane

Hoisting device in the form of a bridge; it moves along rails.

reservoir click to hear : reservoir

Basin formed by the construction of a dam; it holds back a very large volume of water so that the flow rate can be controlled.

spillway click to hear : spillway

Channel that discharges excess water from the reservoir during flooding to avoid submerging the dam.

top of dam click to hear : top of dam

Upper part of the dam; it rises above the water level of the reservoir by several meters.

headbay click to hear : headbay

Part of the reservoir immediately in front of the dam where the current originates.

penstock click to hear : penstock

Channel that carries water under pressure to the power plant’s turbines.