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mollusks click to hear : mollusks

Usually marine-dwelling, soft-bodied invertebrates; some have shells and are sold live.
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abalone soft shell clam hard-shell clam great scallop scallop

abalone click to hear : abalone

The muscle, also called the "e&foot"e&, is delicious raw or cooked; it must be pounded before cooking.

soft shell clam click to hear : soft shell clam

Primarily harvested in the Atlantic, this large soft mollusk of the clam family can replace the latter in recipes.

hard-shell clam click to hear : hard-shell clam

Mollusk with a very hard shell whose flesh can be eaten raw or cooked; they are used to make chowder, a popular New England recipe.

great scallop click to hear : great scallop

Related to the scallop, the delicately flavored flesh is prized by Europeans; the shells are resistant to heat and are often used as cooking and serving dishes.

scallop click to hear : scallop

The main edible part is the nut (the muscle that opens and shuts the shells) and sometimes the coral (the orange part); excellent raw or cooked, it can be prepared in numerous ways.