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leaf vegetables click to hear : leaf vegetables

Leaves of edible plants consumed as vegetables.
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red cabbage white cabbage grape leaf curled kale Brussels sprouts

red cabbage click to hear : red cabbage

Milder-tasting than other cabbages, it is usually eaten raw and finely chopped in salads.

white cabbage click to hear : white cabbage

After fermentation, it is used to make sauerkraut; it is also used as an ingredient in stews.

grape leaf click to hear : grape leaf

Associated with Mediterranean cooking, it is used to prepare dolmades (stuffed vine leaves) and as a garnish for fruit and salad platters.

curled kale click to hear : curled kale

Its very curly, stringy tough leaves have a strong flavor; it is almost always eaten cooked.

Brussels sprouts click to hear : Brussels sprouts

The smallest member of the cabbage family is only eaten cooked and whole as a vegetable side dish.