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leaf vegetables click to hear : leaf vegetables

Leaves of edible plants consumed as vegetables.
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arugula nettle purslane dandelion watercress corn salad

arugula click to hear : arugula

Especially popular in southern France and Italy; whether raw or cooked, it should be used in moderation because of its strong flavor.

nettle click to hear : nettle

When cooked or dried, the leaves lose their sting; it has a somewhat spicy flavor and can be prepared more or less like spinach.

purslane click to hear : purslane

Both the stems and the tender fleshy leaves are eaten; it has a slightly acidic, spicy flavor.

dandelion click to hear : dandelion

The leaves of this common plant are excellent in salads; when cooked, they can be prepared like spinach.

watercress click to hear : watercress

Tender and juicy, it is mostly eaten raw, in salads; the delicate leaves have a slight mustardlike flavor.

corn salad click to hear : corn salad

Also called lamb’s lettuce; its soft, mild-tasting leaves are primarily eaten raw, in salads.