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baking utensils click to hear : baking utensils

Baking: refers to the production of cakes, cookies and other usually sweet comestibles made from cooked dough, pastry or batter.
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baking sheet cake pan quiche plate pie pan removable-bottomed pan

baking sheet click to hear : baking sheet

Rectangular pan with low sides, usually made of aluminum, used for baking cookies, cakes and other pastries that do not require molding.

cake pan click to hear : cake pan

Relatively deep metal baking pan with enough room to allow the cake to rise.

quiche plate click to hear : quiche plate

Metal baking pan with a scalloped edge that makes the crust of the quiche more attractive.

pie pan click to hear : pie pan

Metal pan used to make a pie crust and to bake a pie in the oven.

removable-bottomed pan click to hear : removable-bottomed pan

Metal baking pan whose bottom, and sometimes its side, come apart so the contents can be removed more easily.