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miscellaneous utensils click to hear : miscellaneous utensils

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tasting spoon melon baller vegetable brush baster egg slicer ice cream scoop

tasting spoon click to hear : tasting spoon

Wooden spoon consisting of two bowls joined by a shallow groove used to take and taste liquids.

melon baller click to hear : melon baller

Spoon used to cut small round pieces from the flesh of fruits or vegetables.

vegetable brush click to hear : vegetable brush

Utensil used to clean certain vegetables, such as potatoes.

baster click to hear : baster

Utensil with a graduated tube and a rubber bulb; it is used to suck up cooking liquid and drizzle it over the meat.

egg slicer click to hear : egg slicer

Device that uses taut steel wires to slice a hard-boiled egg.

ice cream scoop click to hear : ice cream scoop

Spoon used to remove a serving of ice milk or ice cream from a container.