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set of utensils click to hear : set of utensils

Main kitchen utensils, often matching, stored in a stand.
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draining spoon skimmer spatula turner potato masher ladle

draining spoon click to hear : draining spoon

Large elongated slightly concave spoon with perforations; it is used to remove small pieces of food from their cooking liquid.

skimmer click to hear : skimmer

Large round slightly concave spoon with perforations; it is used to skim broth and sauce, or to remove food from its cooking liquid.

spatula click to hear : spatula

Long blade of variable width used to turn food over during cooking.

turner click to hear : turner

Utensil used to handle cooked food without breaking it.

potato masher click to hear : potato masher

Utensil used to manually purée cooked fruits and vegetables.

ladle click to hear : ladle

Spoon with a deep bowl and a long handle; it is used to decant liquid or semiliquid food.