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poles click to hear : poles

Rods of various shapes and materials from which a curtain hangs.
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curtain track clip ring carrier track bridge ceiling bracket roller hook end stop wall bracket

curtain track click to hear : curtain track

Rectangular metal rod equipped with a track; the gliders that support the curtain move along it.

clip click to hear : clip

Implement composed of two articulated prongs that grip the curtain in order to hang it.

ring click to hear : ring

Circular piece to take the hook supporting the curtains.

carrier click to hear : carrier

Part composed of a roller for moving the curtain along the track as well as a hooking device supporting the curtain.

track click to hear : track

Grooved metal rail along which the rollers move.

bridge click to hear : bridge

Metal part joining two track sections.

ceiling bracket click to hear : ceiling bracket

roller click to hear : roller

Small metal wheel pulling the curtain along the track.

hook click to hear : hook

Metal part to which the curtain heading is attached.

end stop click to hear : end stop

Metal part serving as a stopper at the ends of the track.

wall bracket click to hear : wall bracket