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alkaline earth metals click to hear : alkaline earth metals

Generally silvery and malleable and good conductors of heat and electricity; they react easily with nonmetals and water.
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radium barium strontium calcium magnesium beryllium

radium click to hear : radium

Extremely radioactive metal present in very low quantities in uranium ore; it is used mainly in medicine as a cancer treatment.

barium click to hear : barium

Relatively abundant metal that is used especially in lubricants, pyrotechnics (fireworks), paint and radiology.

strontium click to hear : strontium

Relatively rare metal that is used especially in pyrotechnics (fireworks), the manufacture of magnets and medicine.

calcium click to hear : calcium

Metal that is one of the most essential elements in bones and teeth; it is also a component of cement, plaster and some alloys.

magnesium click to hear : magnesium

Metal necessary for the growth and metabolism of most living organisms; it is also a component of aluminum alloys.

beryllium click to hear : beryllium

Uncommon metal that is used especially in alloys for the aerospace industry and as a moderator in nuclear reactors.