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noble gases click to hear : noble gases

Family of chemical elements also called inert, as they are weakly reactant.
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radon xenon krypton argon neon helium

radon click to hear : radon

Highly radioactive noble gas that is used mainly in medicine (destroying cancerous tumors) and in predicting earthquakes.

xenon click to hear : xenon

Rarest gas in the atmosphere; it is used mainly in discharge lamps, photoflash bulbs and lasers.

krypton click to hear : krypton

Noble gas that is used in some incandescent lamps and in photography.

argon click to hear : argon

Most abundant of the noble gases; it is used especially in incandescent lamps and in welding (protective gas).

neon click to hear : neon

Noble gas that is used mainly in lighting (billboards, television tubes and fog lamps), but also as a liquid coolant.

helium click to hear : helium

The lightest of the noble gases is noncombustible and abundant in the stars; it is used especially in inflating aerostats (such as balloons and dirigibles).