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thermometer click to hear : thermometer

Instrument for measuring temperature by means of a substance (usually a liquid or a gas) contained in a graduated tube.
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alcohol bulb F degrees alcohol column Fahrenheit scale C degrees Celsius scale

alcohol bulb click to hear : alcohol bulb

Glass reservoir containing colored alcohol (methanol, ethanol) that expands and rises in the capillary bore as the temperature rises.

F degrees click to hear : F degrees

Symbol representing a unit of measurement on the Fahrenheit scale (Fahrenheit degree).

alcohol column click to hear : alcohol column

Quantity of alcohol that is contained in the glass tube; its height varies with the temperature.

Fahrenheit scale click to hear : Fahrenheit scale

Temperature scale that is used in some English-speaking countries, on which the freezing point of water is at 32 and the boiling point at 212.

C degrees click to hear : C degrees

Symbol representing a unit of measurement on the Celsius scale (Celsius degree).

Celsius scale click to hear : Celsius scale

Temperature scale that is based on a graduation from 0 (freezing point of water) to 100 (boiling point of water); it was formerly called the centigrade scale.