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electronic scale click to hear : electronic scale

Commercial scale that weighs and calculates the price of a quantity of merchandise and displays these elements.
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printout product code numeric keyboard total display unit price weight function keys platform

printout click to hear : printout

Paper on which various data are printed (e.g., the weight, quantity and price of the items weighed).

product code click to hear : product code

Key with a number that corresponds to the code assigned to a product.

numeric keyboard click to hear : numeric keyboard

Set of keys with numbers and symbols that are used especially to enter the unit prices or codes of items.

total click to hear : total

Liquid crystal display that shows the price of each weighed article and, at the end of the transaction, the total price of all purchases.

display click to hear : display

Each of the three liquid crystal displays that show various numeric information (e.g., weight, unit price and total price).

unit price click to hear : unit price

Liquid crystal display that shows the unit price of an item (e.g., in kilograms).

weight click to hear : weight

Liquid crystal display that shows the weight of the item.

function keys click to hear : function keys

Set of keys that perform various operations (e.g., data entry, calculations and printing receipts).

platform click to hear : platform

Flat rigid surface on which the items to be weighed are placed.