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magnetism click to hear : magnetism

Action exerted by magnets and magnetic fields and phenomena. Magnetism can be characterized by the forces of attraction and repulsion between two masses.
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attraction magnetic field neutral line south pole field line magnet north pole repulsion

attraction click to hear : attraction

Force by which two bodies are pulled toward each other; opposite poles attract each other.

magnetic field click to hear : magnetic field

Area around the magnet where magnetic forces represented by lines of force are exerted, resulting in electron movement.

neutral line click to hear : neutral line

Line separating the north and south lines of the magnet and exhibiting no magnetic phenomena.

south pole click to hear : south pole

End of the magnet to which the field lines are directed and around which the exterior magnetic action is intense.

field line click to hear : field line

Imaginary line representing the direction of the magnetic forces between the north and south poles.

magnet click to hear : magnet

Body producing an exterior magnetic field; it attracts iron, nickel and cobalt as well as their alloys.

north pole click to hear : north pole

End of the magnet from which field lines originate and around which the exterior magnetic action is intense.

repulsion click to hear : repulsion

Force by which two bodies push against each other. Two poles of the same orientation (both positive or both negative) repulse each other.