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normal vision click to hear : normal vision

The image of an object is formed on the retina after passing through the lens, which, depending on the distance of the object, expands or contracts to give a sharp image.
normal vision image
achat d'image achat d'image

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retina lens light ray cornea focus object

retina click to hear : retina

Inner membrane at the back of the eye covered in light-sensitive nerve cells (photoreceptors); these transform light into an electrical impulse that is carried to the optic nerve.

lens click to hear : lens

Transparent elastic area of the eye; focuses images on the retina to obtain clear vision.

light ray click to hear : light ray

Line along which light emanating from an object propagates. The retina converts light rays into nerve impulses, which are then interpreted by the brain.

cornea click to hear : cornea

Transparent fibrous membrane extending the sclera and whose curved shape makes light rays converge toward the inside of the eye.

focus click to hear : focus

Point where light rays converge to form an image; the brain interprets the retina’s upside-down image as right-side-up.

object click to hear : object

Light rays emanating from an object pass through the eye’s various media to form an inverted image on the retina.