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electronic payment terminal click to hear : electronic payment terminal

Apparatus by which shoppers can use a debit or credit card to pay for their purchases.
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paper feed button confirmation key account identification personal identification number (PIN) pad alphanumeric keyboard card reader slot transaction receipt operation keys display programmable function keys power-on/paper-detect light

paper feed button click to hear : paper feed button

Button for activating the manual paper feed when refilling the paper.

confirmation key click to hear : confirmation key

Button for authorizing the transaction.

account identification click to hear : account identification

Buttons for selecting the account from which to make a payment.

personal identification number (PIN) pad click to hear : personal identification number (PIN) pad

Small keypad connected to an electronic payment terminal; it is used to enter a personal identification number when making a payment.

alphanumeric keyboard click to hear : alphanumeric keyboard

A series of keys corresponding to letters, numbers and symbols that the customer uses to enter a purchase amount, a PIN, etc.

card reader slot click to hear : card reader slot

The card is inserted into the device, which verifies the customer’s personal identification number (PIN) before the transaction can begin.

transaction receipt click to hear : transaction receipt

Receipt or record of a transaction that is printed after the transaction is complete.

operation keys click to hear : operation keys

Keys for selecting from a menu (e.g., debit card, credit card).

display click to hear : display

Screen featuring various menus and indicating the steps to follow to complete a transaction.

programmable function keys click to hear : programmable function keys

Keys that program the machine to execute specific functions.

power-on/paper-detect light click to hear : power-on/paper-detect light

Signal that lights up when the machine is on and blinks when the paper feed is complete.