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school click to hear : school

Teaching institution; the term "e&school"e& usually refers to an elementary or high school.
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classroom for students with learning disabilities movable stands gymnasium storeroom gymnasium office dressing room science room music room equipment storage room art room computer science room library podium toilet bicycle parking cafeteria kitchen courtyard classroom parking area administration staff entrance meeting room principal’s office secretaries’ office teachers’ room students’ room students’ lockers supervisor’s office main entrance

classroom for students with learning disabilities click to hear : classroom for students with learning disabilities

movable stands click to hear : movable stands

Spectator benches that can be moved and stored.

gymnasium click to hear : gymnasium

Hall for practicing indoor sports.

storeroom click to hear : storeroom

Room for storing cleaning products and housekeeping supplies.

gymnasium office click to hear : gymnasium office

Office used by physical education teachers.

dressing room click to hear : dressing room

Room where students change clothes before and after physical education class.

science room click to hear : science room

Room equipped for courses in subjects such as chemistry, physics and the natural sciences.

music room click to hear : music room

Soundproof room designed for music classes.

equipment storage room click to hear : equipment storage room

art room click to hear : art room

Room used for courses in arts such as sculpture, painting and sketching.

computer science room click to hear : computer science room

Room used to give computer courses and to carry out computer-related activities.

library click to hear : library

Room where items such as books, periodicals and audio materials are classified for consultation or loan.

podium click to hear : podium

Raised platform used for performances and presentations.

toilet click to hear : toilet

Premises designed to satisfy basic functions and equipped with toilets and sinks.

bicycle parking click to hear : bicycle parking

Rack set up on the school premises to park bicycles.

cafeteria click to hear : cafeteria

Place where the staff and students eat their meals.

kitchen click to hear : kitchen

Room where meals are prepared.

courtyard click to hear : courtyard

Uncovered space bordered by buildings or fences and used for outdoor activities.

classroom click to hear : classroom

A room designed for educating groups of students.

parking area click to hear : parking area

Area for cars to park.

administration click to hear : administration

staff entrance click to hear : staff entrance

meeting room click to hear : meeting room

Room used by small groups to hold meetings and discussions.

principal’s office click to hear : principal’s office

Office used by the individual in charge of the administration of the school.

secretaries’ office click to hear : secretaries’ office

teachers’ room click to hear : teachers’ room

Room used by teachers as a meeting or lounge area.

students’ room click to hear : students’ room

Room used by students as a meeting or lounge area.

students’ lockers click to hear : students’ lockers

Lockers with a shelf where students store clothes and school materials.

supervisor’s office click to hear : supervisor’s office

Office used by an individual in charge of discipline at the school.

main entrance click to hear : main entrance