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classroom click to hear : classroom

A room designed for educating groups of students.
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armchair clock bulletin board geographical map bookcase globe computer armless chair student student’s desk teacher’s desk television set blackboard teacher

armchair click to hear : armchair

Chair consisting of arms, a back and legs.

clock click to hear : clock

Timepiece that allows the teacher to manage class time.

bulletin board click to hear : bulletin board

Panel that hangs on a wall; messages, notices, notes and other written communications are pinned on it.

geographical map click to hear : geographical map

Two-dimensional representation of all or part of the Earth’s surface.

bookcase click to hear : bookcase

Shelf for storing books.

globe click to hear : globe

Map of the Earth represented on a sphere.

computer click to hear : computer

Compact data processor consisting of a central processing unit that is connected to a screen, a keyboard and various other peripherals.

armless chair click to hear : armless chair

Seat consisting of a back and legs but no arms.

student click to hear : student

Children and teenagers in elementary and high school.

student’s desk click to hear : student’s desk

teacher’s desk click to hear : teacher’s desk

television set click to hear : television set

Receiving device that generates the sound and picture elements of programs broadcast by a television station or recorded on cassette or disc.

blackboard click to hear : blackboard

Panel secured to the classroom wall and used to write on with chalk or a felt pen.

teacher click to hear : teacher