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first aid equipment click to hear : first aid equipment

The instruments and equipment used to transport the sick and the injured and to administer first aid.
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cot hook pulling ring mattress reclining back telescopic leg frame

cot click to hear : cot

Folding bed on casters that is used to transport the sick and the injured.

hook click to hear : hook

Part used to hang equipment.

pulling ring click to hear : pulling ring

Device that is pulled to move the cot.

mattress click to hear : mattress

Large padded cushion on which the patient lies.

reclining back click to hear : reclining back

The part of the frame that is raised so that the patient can lean back.

telescopic leg click to hear : telescopic leg

Extensible rods that stabilize the cot and regulate its height.

frame click to hear : frame

Metal structure that supports the mattress above its feet.