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first aid equipment click to hear : first aid equipment

The instruments and equipment used to transport the sick and the injured and to administer first aid.
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syringe finger flange thumb rest plunger scale rubber bulb Luer-Lock tip needle hub bevel hollow barrel tip protector needle

syringe click to hear : syringe

Instrument used to inject or remove a liquid substance.

finger flange click to hear : finger flange

Support for the index and the middle finger while the thumb pushes down on the thumb rest.

thumb rest click to hear : thumb rest

Device pressed or pulled to operate the plunger.

plunger click to hear : plunger

Cylindrical stem that slides up and down the hollow barrel; its movement draws in or expels liquid.

scale click to hear : scale

The divisions inscribed on the syringe; they constitute units of volume.

rubber bulb click to hear : rubber bulb

Piece of rubber connected to a plunger; the rubber adheres to the sides of the barrel so that a liquid can be removed or injected.

Luer-Lock tip click to hear : Luer-Lock tip

Nut-shaped end of the syringe; it fits inside the needle hub.

needle hub click to hear : needle hub

Piece of plastic at the base of the needle; it fits into the Luer-Lock tip.

bevel click to hear : bevel

The oblique tip of the syringe.

hollow barrel click to hear : hollow barrel

Reservoir that creates a vacuum so that a liquid can be removed or injected.

tip protector click to hear : tip protector

Device that covers the Luer-Lock tip when the needle hub is not inserted into the syringe.

needle click to hear : needle

Hollow bevel-tipped metal stem that is covered with a needle hub; it is used for intravenous and subcutaneous injections and sampling.