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operating suite click to hear : operating suite

The rooms and equipment used for surgical procedures.
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intensive care unit recovery room supply room autoclave sink sterilization room soiled utility room operating table medical gas cylinder operating room glove storage scrub room anesthesia room

intensive care unit click to hear : intensive care unit

Room equipped for the treatment and specialized medical supervision of patients whose condition is unstable.

recovery room click to hear : recovery room

Room in which a patient awakens after receiving a general anesthetic as part of a surgical procedure.

supply room click to hear : supply room

Sterilized room used to store clean disinfected surgical materials.

autoclave click to hear : autoclave

Airtight metal container that sterilizes materials using steam under high pressure.

sink click to hear : sink

Basin-shaped sanitary device used to clean equipment.

sterilization room click to hear : sterilization room

Room in which microorganisms on surgical instruments are destroyed.

soiled utility room click to hear : soiled utility room

Room in which surgical materials are placed after use.

operating table click to hear : operating table

Articulated table on which the patient undergoing surgery lies.

medical gas cylinder click to hear : medical gas cylinder

Device that supplies an anesthetic to the patient during a surgical procedure.

operating room click to hear : operating room

Sterilized room used to perform surgical procedures.

glove storage click to hear : glove storage

scrub room click to hear : scrub room

Room in which surgeons wash their hands before a surgical procedure.

anesthesia room click to hear : anesthesia room

Room in which patients receive an anesthetic to dull sensitivity to pain before an operation; an anesthetic can be general or local.