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court click to hear : court

Place where trials are held before a judge and sometimes a jury to determine if a person accused of a crime is guilty or innocent.
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counsels’ assistants witness stand audience lobby interview rooms courtroom toilet cells clerks’ office security vestibule judges’ office jurors’ room judges’ bench clerks’ desk jury box prosecution counsels’ bench defense counsels’ bench prisoner’s dock

counsels’ assistants click to hear : counsels’ assistants

Assistants help attorneys with tasks such as research, questioning witnesses and writing reports.

witness stand click to hear : witness stand

Stand from which a witness gives testimony or serves as an expert witness under oath.

audience click to hear : audience

Witnesses and the public sit at the back of the courtroom; priority is given to family members of the accused and the victim.

lobby click to hear : lobby

Court entrance area.

interview rooms click to hear : interview rooms

Rooms in which attorneys consult with their clients.

courtroom click to hear : courtroom

Area of the court reserved for the main players in a trial, including the judge, jury, accused and attorneys.

toilet click to hear : toilet

Premises designed to satisfy basic functions and equipped with toilets and sinks.

cells click to hear : cells

Rooms where the accused are held while awaiting their court appearance.

clerks’ office click to hear : clerks’ office

Duties of clerks include assisting judges, drawing up charges, informing judges of specific points of procedure and collecting evidence.

security vestibule click to hear : security vestibule

Corridor that leads directly from the cells to the prisoner’s dock.

judges’ office click to hear : judges’ office

Office used by judges to meet with assistants and attorneys and to prepare judgments.

jurors’ room click to hear : jurors’ room

Room in which jurors deliberate; jurors are citizens selected at random, usually from voters’ lists.

judges’ bench click to hear : judges’ bench

Judges preside over trials and ensure that proceedings are in accordance with the law; at the conclusion of a trial, the judge delivers a verdict and a sentence if the verdict is guilty.

clerks’ desk click to hear : clerks’ desk

Table where clerks sit to record the proceedings.

jury box click to hear : jury box

Box reserved for the jury, who deliver a verdict of guilty or not guilty at the conclusion of a trial.

prosecution counsels’ bench click to hear : prosecution counsels’ bench

Prosecuting attorneys ensure that laws are enforced on behalf of society; they attempt to prove that the accused is guilty.

defense counsels’ bench click to hear : defense counsels’ bench

Defense attorneys advise and represent the accused and attempt to prove the person’s innocence.

prisoner’s dock click to hear : prisoner’s dock

Box in which the person alleged to have committed a crime remains during the trial.