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duty belt click to hear : duty belt

Belt that the police officer wears to carry equipment.
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latex glove case flashlight baton holder expandable baton microphone walkie-talkie pepper spray handcuff case ammunition pouch pistol holster

latex glove case click to hear : latex glove case

Pouch for carrying gloves worn to pick up pieces of evidence or contaminated objects such as used syringes.

flashlight click to hear : flashlight

Battery-operated portable lighting device; it consists of a small high-intensity light enclosed in a cylindrical case.

baton holder click to hear : baton holder

Ring used to hold a baton.

expandable baton click to hear : expandable baton

Extensible blunt instrument made of steel.

microphone click to hear : microphone

Device that converts electric pulses into broadcast or recorded sounds.

walkie-talkie click to hear : walkie-talkie

Portable two-way radio used to relay the human voice over short distances.

pepper spray click to hear : pepper spray

Container that emits an irritating gas to neutralize and control a person or a crowd.

handcuff case click to hear : handcuff case

Pouch for storing handcuffs.

ammunition pouch click to hear : ammunition pouch

Pouch for storing ammunition clips for the pistol.

pistol click to hear : pistol

Short lightweight handgun that is loaded from the butt.

holster click to hear : holster

Case used to carry and protect a pistol.