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police car click to hear : police car

Patrol vehicle equipped with a radio and a dashboard computer.
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used syringe box antenna safety lighting barrier barricade tape partition life buoy light bar fire extinguisher road flare first aid kit

used syringe box click to hear : used syringe box

Container used to collect syringes left behind by drug users.

antenna click to hear : antenna

Device that emits and receives radio waves.

safety lighting click to hear : safety lighting

Backup signal device that is activated when the trunk of the police car is open and blocking the light bar.

barrier barricade tape click to hear : barrier barricade tape

Tape used to mark off an accident or crime scene.

partition click to hear : partition

Security screen that separates the front seat from the back seat, where persons apprehended by police are placed.

life buoy click to hear : life buoy

Ring made of buoyant material that is thrown into the water to help a person in distress keep afloat.

light bar click to hear : light bar

Illuminated bar indicating the presence of an emergency response vehicle.

fire extinguisher click to hear : fire extinguisher

Portable device used to extinguish a fire using liquid, powder or gas released under pressure.

road flare click to hear : road flare

Pyrotechnic signaling or lighting device used to designate an area where a car has broken down or an accident has occurred.

first aid kit click to hear : first aid kit

Box that contains the materials required to administer first aid, including bandages, medication and instruments.