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fire-fighting material click to hear : fire-fighting material

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hook ladder ladder and hose strap nozzle dividing breeching fire hose

hook ladder click to hear : hook ladder

Straight ladder with one end having fixed or detachable hooks to keep the ladder in place on a structure.

ladder and hose strap click to hear : ladder and hose strap

Band that connects two hoses or attaches a hose to a ladder or a fire escape, etc.

nozzle click to hear : nozzle

Device that is connected to the end of a fire hose; it forms and directs a jet of water.

dividing breeching click to hear : dividing breeching

Y-shaped device used to connect two hoses to a water outlet.

fire hose click to hear : fire hose

Flexible hose that carries water from the pressurized water source to the nozzle.