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fire trucks click to hear : fire trucks

Motor vehicles designed to transport fire-fighting personnel and materials and to supply water to the fire hose nozzles.
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aerial ladder truck ladder pipe nozzle outrigger storage compartment top ladder mars light tower ladder telescopic boom turntable mounting elevating cylinder spotlight

aerial ladder truck click to hear : aerial ladder truck

Motor vehicle equipped with a tower ladder, which is used to fight a fire from above and access the upper reaches of a building from the outside.

ladder pipe nozzle click to hear : ladder pipe nozzle

Device mounted on the end of the telescopic boom; it forms and directs a water jet onto a fire or onto the upper reaches of a building.

outrigger click to hear : outrigger

Device that stabilizes the vehicle when the ladders are deployed.

storage compartment click to hear : storage compartment

Compartment used to store fire-fighting material.

top ladder click to hear : top ladder

Sliding ladder that makes up the highest part of the tower ladder.

mars light click to hear : mars light

Revolving light on the roof of the moving vehicle; it is used when an operation is in progress.

tower ladder click to hear : tower ladder

Set of extension ladders for changing the height of the tower ladder.

telescopic boom click to hear : telescopic boom

Extensible device that raises the sliding ladders of the tower ladder to the desired height.

turntable mounting click to hear : turntable mounting

Pivoting device that supports and positions the tower ladder.

elevating cylinder click to hear : elevating cylinder

Device that raises the tower ladder and keeps it stable.

spotlight click to hear : spotlight

Device that emits a concentrated high-intensity light beam; it can be fully rotated.