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frigate click to hear : frigate

Warship used for antiaircraft, antisubmarine and antiship operations.
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ship’s motor boat sea-to-sea missile hull sonar decoy launcher turret air search radar surface surveillance radar target detection radar surveillance radar shaft propellers helicopter flight deck helicopter helicopter hangar antimissile self-defense antiaircraft missile VHF antenna

ship’s motor boat click to hear : ship’s motor boat

Small high-speed watercraft.

sea-to-sea missile click to hear : sea-to-sea missile

Missile fired from a ship that targets another ship.

hull sonar click to hear : hull sonar

Ultrasound detection device used to track submarines.

decoy launcher click to hear : decoy launcher

Device that fires objects that imitate missiles in order to draw enemy missile fire.

turret click to hear : turret

Multidirectional device equipped with an antiaircraft cannon.

surface surveillance radar click to hear : surface surveillance radar

Instrument that detects obstacles such as ships and icebergs on the surface of the water.

target detection radar click to hear : target detection radar

Device that detects surface movements near the ship.

surveillance radar click to hear : surveillance radar

Instrument that detects aircraft in the vicinity of the ship; it can guide missiles toward enemy targets.

shaft click to hear : shaft

Device driven by a diesel engine; it transfers rotary movement to the propeller.

propellers click to hear : propellers

The frigate’s propulsion system that is made up of blades arranged around a hub.

helicopter flight deck click to hear : helicopter flight deck

Area designed for helicopter takeoff and landing.

helicopter click to hear : helicopter

Aircraft whose lift agent is a rotor on a vertical axle.

helicopter hangar click to hear : helicopter hangar

Installation used to house helicopters and carry out maintenance on them.

antimissile self-defense click to hear : antimissile self-defense

Launch system for short-range missiles, which are used to destroy missiles from enemy aircraft.

antiaircraft missile click to hear : antiaircraft missile

Missile designed to destroy enemy aircraft.

VHF antenna click to hear : VHF antenna

Antenna that provides a radio link with a coastal station, another ship or an aircraft.