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helicopter click to hear : helicopter

Aircraft whose lift agent is a rotor on a vertical axle.
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antenna control stick landing window landing light skid cabin boarding step fuel tank baggage compartment exhaust pipe position light tail skid flight deck rotor head rotor blade sleeve rotor hub drive shaft tail boom horizontal stabilizer fin anti-torque tail rotor air inlet

antenna click to hear : antenna

Antenna that receives and transmits radio signals to communicate with the control tower or another aircraft.

control stick click to hear : control stick

Lever for changing the rotor’s tilt; it is used to steer the helicopter.

landing window click to hear : landing window

Window by the pilot’s feet for seeing the ground when landing.

landing light click to hear : landing light

Spotlight that is aimed at the ground for landing at night.

skid click to hear : skid

Tube on which the helicopter lands and rests.

cabin click to hear : cabin

Compartment where the passengers ride.

boarding step click to hear : boarding step

Step attached to the fuselage for boarding the helicopter.

fuel tank click to hear : fuel tank

Reservoir for the helicopter’s fuel.

baggage compartment click to hear : baggage compartment

Compartment for storing luggage.

exhaust pipe click to hear : exhaust pipe

Opening through which the exhaust gases are evacuated.

position light click to hear : position light

Light visible from afar that signals the helicopter’s presence.

tail skid click to hear : tail skid

Support attached to the tail end of the boom that protects it and the anti-torque tail rotor in the event of a landing with the nose up.

flight deck click to hear : flight deck

Compartment that contains navigation equipment; the pilot operates the helicopter from here.

rotor head click to hear : rotor head

Rotating mechanism that transmits the required power and angle.

rotor blade click to hear : rotor blade

Long streamlined part of the main rotor that, depending on its angle, lifts and propels the helicopter.

sleeve click to hear : sleeve

Part of the hub to which the blades are attached.

rotor hub click to hear : rotor hub

Center part of the rotor head that connects the driveshaft to the blades.

drive shaft click to hear : drive shaft

Part driven by the engine that transmits its rotational movement to the hub.

tail boom click to hear : tail boom

Long part of the helicopter’s frame that contains a propeller shaft and supports the rear rotor, fin and stabilizers.

horizontal stabilizer click to hear : horizontal stabilizer

Horizontal wing mounted on the tail boom to stabilize the helicopter’s horizontal movement.

fin click to hear : fin

Fixed vertical part mounted on the tail boom to keep the helicopter flying straight.

anti-torque tail rotor click to hear : anti-torque tail rotor

Rotor on a horizontal axle that prevents the helicopter from spinning due to the effect of the main rotor.

air inlet click to hear : air inlet

Opening through which air enters to supply the helicopter’s engine.